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The information about product use is only a guideline. The Buddha Beauty range complement each other but products can be used alone & produce positive results. The skin is our largest organ; it absorbs & accumulates pollutants from the environment. Keeping it healthy & hydrated is essential. Cleanse, Balance & Restore.

Organic Cleansers 250ml £12
Used daily lasts approximately 8 months. Used to remove makeup & surface dirt & for deep cleansing of the skin. Choose from:
Lemongrass & Bergamot
Grapefruit, Lavender & Frankincense
Fragrance free – no added essential oils

Organic Floral Waters 250ml £9

A multitude of uses – as a toner to close the pores after cleanse.
Minimal or no makeup – use as a cleansing water. Freshen up with a face & body mist. Choose from:

Organic Facial Cream 50ml £12
Used daily lasts approximately 8 months. Applied after a toner or at the end of a facial routine to moisturise & hydrate the skin. Use alone in the day or while you sleep at night. Choose from:
Neroli Day
Jasmine & Chamomile Night

Organic Facial Oil 50ml £12
Used daily lasts approximately 8 months. Massaging into the skin stimulates circulation which increases oxygen & nutrients to the face promoting cell regeneration. The oils will leave your skin feeling & looking radiant. Choose from:
Combination (Normal)
Mature 24+

A basic facial routine (daily)
– Cleanse (Cleansers)
-Tone (Floral Waters)
-Moisturise (Facial Creams/Organic Oils)

A full routine (monthly)-Superficial & Deep Cleanse (Cleansers)
-Exfoliate (optional)
-Facial Massage (Oils)
-Facial Mask (optional)
-Tone (Floral Waters)
-Moisturise (Facial Creams/Organic Oils)

Bamboo & Mandarin Facial Scrub 100ml £8.50

Every now & again the skin needs something more to give it a boost. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells & excess surface dirt, stimulating blood flow in a similar way that massage does, giving skin a healthy glow. Like a snake sheds it skin we regenerate & renew our cells on a monthly basis, that’s a lot of dead skin!

Apple, Avocado & Aloe Face Mask 100ml £8.50
The drying facial mask can help curb excess production of oils which is extremely beneficial to problem skin such as Acne. It acts like suction to the pores of the skin as it dries removing pollutants, dirt & grime. This also aids in the removal of dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling renewed, fresh & clean.

Organic Dry Body Oil Spray 250ml £9.50
Quick & easy to apply the oils nourish & hydrate the skin, the massage action stimulating blood flow which increases oxygen & nutrients to the skin promoting cell regeneration leaving a radiant healthy glow. Choose from:
Sweet Orange

Ultra Hydration for the hands & feet

Hand Butters 100ml £7.50
For the hands Buddha Beauty has a selection of butters that moisturises even the toughest of skin leaving them looking smooth & feeling soft. With Vitamin E & Shea Butter.
Orange & Jasmine

Organic Peppermint Foot Cream 150ml £12
Massaging the feet stimulates thousands of nerve endings which affects the rest of the body. A cream to nourish & moisturise even the toughest of areas made with organic peppermint, It has a cooling effect so an excellent aid for tired puffy feet.

All information can be found via the website or at Buddu Chill.  Please feel free to test any product.  Facial Treatments available.

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