Detailed descriptions of all treatments can be found here

First treatment includes a consultation that usually takes upto 15mins. If you wish to save time for your treatment, you can fill in and print the consultation prior to treatment. A valid email address is required to send the form. Or you can arrive earlier for your appointment 10-15mins and fill out the form in the waiting area unit W7 two units up from Buddu Chill. Your appointment time given is the time the door will be opened.

From 1st January 2018 price change

30mins £25.    45mins £30.     60mins £35

75mins £43.   90mins £50.     120mins £70

Times are approximate. Sometimes consultation / treatment can run over but never under. Please always allow plenty of  time if parking in town and be aware of car parking charges. I have the right to refuse treatment if I feel it necessary.

All treatments need to be pre-booked when possible but the following definitely need to be as preparation takes longer:

Hot Stones, Buddha Beauty Facials, Ear Candles, Aromatherapy Consultation (specific blend) & Balancing Therapeutic Massage, Crystal Therapies and Chair Work.


Treatments up to 60mins may only be available. Hot stones treatments may not be available. Please ask.

What to expect – First visit read here

Some people feel massage is a luxury. I am not a pampering service, everything I practice works holistically for you (treating the whole person on all levels – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – personal to you) from the choice of music to the essential oil blend to the treatment you receive there are many benefits.

If you are unsure whether you would like treatment with me, book a no-obligation telephone consultation. If I feel it is not within my scope of practice to treat you I can refer you onto a relevant practitioner. In some instances I am unable to treat you without doctors permission. Treatments are adapted to suit individual needs. If you are unable to lie down on a massage couch please let me know.

Area of treatment can include: Scalp, face, neck, upper chest, arms, hands, abdomen, back, gluteals, legs & feet.

All treatments use Buddu’s signature pre-blended essential oils or a base oil if there are any contra-indications, pregnancy, nut allergies or sensitivities.  If you feel you just want certain areas worked on just book the time & tell me what you would like e.g I would like some work on my scalp, feet & abdomen today and I would like 45min general massage.


If you have any sensitivities, allergies especially to nuts or you are pregnant then other base oils can be used.

All treatments can be adapted to suit what is right for you. Treatment descriptions are only guidelines to give you an idea what treatment involves. Each treatment is unique and although has a basic structure does change depending on the day how you are feeling and how the soft tissue structures are responding.

I understand that some situations can not be controlled and you may need to cancel or rearrange your appointment. However I do require 24 hrs notice where possible. This allows the opportunity for someone else to take the appointment. If you do not give me more than 3 hours notice on the day of your appointment, a charge of £15 per hour may apply which will be payable before your receive anymore treatment at Buddu.

  • Change of duration of appointment time notice is required as above.
  • If you book regular appointments in advance and you cancel or change them 3 times within (6 weeks) then you may lose your slot and not be able to book in advance. If you are not sure then book single treatments.
    I plan my diary around the specified time booked. If you arrive late your session maybe shortened to accommodate appointments following yours; however payment of the “FULL FEE” still applies for the time that was booked. Where I can I do accommodate late arrivals. The time you book is the amount payable on the day of your appointment.
    If I am running late I will notify you when possible and add the time on or refund the difference.
  • Payment
    Cash or bank transfer. I do not accept cheques or have a card machine.

Please see full terms and conditions here


A full consultation is carried out on your first visit to ensure there are no contra-indications to prevent the treatment from taking place. If I am in a situation where I feel it is not within my scope of practice to treat you I will refer you on to the appropriate persons. If a doctors permission is required treatment will not proceed. All information is confidential so it is crucial that you do not withhold anything that may be relevant.  If you are unsure please ask.  When the consultation is complete you will be given time to prepare yourself for your treatment.
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It is important to choose a qualified massage therapist who has undertaken the necessary training to understand the theory and practice of this particular therapy.

Janine Lingard is a massage therapist who is an FHT member, you can be confident that she is professionally trained, qualified and insured. Janine will also be listed on our Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register, as massage is considered a form of complementary healthcare. See link below.


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