We hold Monthly Meetings at Buddu were like minded people get together for an informal afternoon discussing topics of interest. It starts 2pm (1.45pm if you want a brew) with a break in between and finishes at 4pm. Cost is £3 p/p.

Some of the topics we have discussed (which does not mean they are not discussed again or delivered by a different speaker) are:-

  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Creative Visualisation
  • Guides & Goddesses
  • Druidism
  • Tarot Cards
  • Guidance Cards
  • Sound Therapy

If you are interested or have a topic you would like to deliver please get in touch.

Meditation, Relaxation & Visualization (Chill Zone @ Buddu Chill)

If you are interested in classes please get in touch. Hoping to start a group in September when the room is cooler. If you would like one to one I am available for this.


if you are starting to work with energy or you would like to develop and be attuned to Reiki please get on contact. It is very important that this is taken seriously as this can be a life changing decision. You are not obliged to be attuned by me if you do not resonate with me and me with you also. Groups of up to 4 only.

There is room for 2 massage couches in the room either side by side or opposite ends of the room, with a screen divide. The room can hold up to 14 people so If you would like to be apart of any meeting or workshop please book your place.

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